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Peter Parker was just an attractive, intelligent, likable, athletic, well-dressed teenage loser...

I've heard it said that Peter Parker's reason was that he was a nerd. Not true. Sure, some people thought he was anti-social or fixated on test tubes and formulas to the exclusion of real-life — but let's examine the evidence...He was good-looking. Even super-popular Liz Allan said so. He was even secretly stronger and more athletic (after the radioactive spider-bite) than Flash, which must have at last been comforting. And he wanted to join in with the crowd, have a normal high school social life, have fun.
Jim Shooter, Marvel Saga: The Official History of the Marvel Universe, #22.

Superman: [wearing glasses] I'm an awkward nerd...
Batman: [rips the glasses off Superman's face] No, you're not! You're an emo hunk every woman wants to sleep with!
Superman: Okay, you're right about that.
Batman: Ooooover here!


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