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"So, what's your story? The truth is, we all have one. Our way of explaining ourselves. Where we come from, what we care about. Wrap them all together and you get an answer to that most fundamental of questions - 'who are you?' In Canada, so big, diverse and unwieldy, self-definition has always proved elusive. How do you sew this place together, with a single unifying theme? Well, there's the winter - how we endure and embrace it. And after that, a million little pieces that somehow add up to us.

"But one thread endures. On Saturday night, there is hockey. We turn on the radio, turn on the television - we listen to Foster Hewitt, or Danny Gallivan, or Bob Cole, or Jim Hughson. We love the Leafs, we hate the Leafs. The Habs are our whole world. Best times of our lives was when Gretzky was an Oiler. We cried when the Flames won the Cup in '89. Everything changed when the Senators arrived... and it was like Christmas when we heard the Jets were coming back. Our family could hardly look at each other when the Canucks lost game 7...twice.

"The frozen prairie pond is inaccessible for most of us. Plenty of us haven't played the game, don't even know how to skate. We and our families come from other places, where other games matter the way hockey matters here. But if you live in Canada, if you arrive in Canada - you understand from birth, or you understand soon enough that it's hockey night tonight.

"You can't buy that. You can't own it. You can only be entrusted with its care. It's a responsibility, it's a privilege, it's a trust."
Dick Irvin, Jr. during the October 11, 2014 intro to Hockey Night In Canada

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