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"And then there's Aeona Cantor. She's not my love interest, she's Nick's girlfriend, and that's the whole story. Anyway, she's not my type. Too abrasive. And I don't like redheads."
Luke Skywalker, who ends up with a redheaded wife and child anyway, Star Wars Legends

What? Come on. It's an Indian romance. Of COURSE the heroine is going to be white, and of COURSE she's going to have red hair. The slightly rebellious may write a blonde heroine, and the really, really crazy might have a brunette or even a half-breed heroine, but I'm pretty sure that if you try to go beyond the bounds and write a historical romance between, say, two Native American characters or (SHOCK! HORROR!) a black person and a Native American, the Indian Romance Mob will send Tony out to break your kneecaps (or possibly to throw you into the trunk of his Caddy) and remind you of your place.

"How about the next question... Why do so many of the characters in most anime have red or reddish hair? ...Is it fashionable? Sexy? Stylish? Et cetera?"

Loves a redhead, our naughty Doctor - has he told you about Queen Elizabeth the First? Well, she *thought* she was the first...
The Dream Lord, Doctor Who

Asuka still hadn't raised her head to even look at him, all he could see were her beautiful, if somewhat unkempt fiery golden locks. Even then, after all that had happened, he dreamed of running his hand down those eternally beautiful locks. He loved her hair, just as much as he loved every last part of her.
Shinji Ikari, Scar Tissue

'Shinji's deep blue eyes... Asuka's crystal blue ones... her long red hair... his sensitive hands... her long legs, his compassion, her fire, her heat...'
Rei Ayanami, Advice and Trust, chapter 8

Linda glanced over at her companion. Red hair fanned out on the colorful blanket, while she filled out her bikini quite nicely.

Scott: That's Jean — a friend of mine from school.
Katy: She's a redhead. Why am I not surprised?

Linda: But schedule aside, can you at least ask her out to lunch? She won't say no to you."
Kate: What makes you think that?
Linda: "Because I know her, she has a thing for blondes and red-heads."