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Longinus: And the Lord said, "Who shall I send?" And I said, "I am here. Send me!" (takes a deep swig from a heavy bottle) I come from a land of death and misery. And I stood with the Devil for so long. (drinks from his bottle again, then staggers over to a table with two blood diamonds on it. He picks up one diamond) This one... this one wanted travel documents to take his family someplace safe. (turns to the other diamond) And this one... this one wanted malaria medicine for his sick child, and he tried to kill me for it. I can not blame him. (reaches for his bottle again, but then plonks it down on the table) NO! There is still work to do! We are not finished! (drunkenly staggers towards Ajay) You know what you must do! And I know what I must do.

My life he claims for God above!
Can such things be?
When I had come to hate the world
A world that always hated me...
— "What Have I Done", Les Misérables (although Valjean was no worse than a Justified Criminal to begin with)

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