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Most of his line readings are a bit stiff, and after a while I realized it was by design: Charlie the salesman talks without believing what he's saying — they're just words. Goodman brings weight to the movie, and not just physical. He shows you the terrified emptiness behind Charlie's joviality. And in the end, when he cuts loose, he's as touching as he is frightening; I can't think of another actor who could have brought off the apocalyptic finale without looking ridiculous. Working with the Coens must unleash something primeval in this teddy-bear comedian. He puts on a ferocious show.
Rob Gonsalves on Barton Fink

Stallone does pretty well for himself, playing a partially deaf small town sheriff, holding his own against Harvey Keitel and Robert De Niro of all people. The fact that he matches two of the best actors working today punch for punch without getting blown off the screen is pretty remarkable.

Chris: Going into this episode, I was dreading seeing Erica Durance and Teri Hatcher face off in an ACTING! contest — I figured that junk would go down like Alien vs. Predator: no matter who wins, we lose — but I actually thought they both did pretty well, considering.
David: Teri Hatcher was never that shitty of an actress, she’s just been in badly written roles, really. It’s the curse of getting known for a single role on network television.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Smallville ("Abandoned")

Whilst clearly being played by David Duchovny, the blank faced automaton that squares off with Doggett at the top of this episode is clearly not Mulder. The expressionless way he advances on his foe and steps from the precipice to his (apparent) death is jaw droppingly handled. It makes me wonder if I have been wrong about Duchovny all these years in my criticism of his acting because he is genuinely chilling in this scene.
Joe Ford on The X-Files, "Without"

"There's a long sequence when Alan, Maria and a firefighter are trying to reassure Elmo. Elmo says he's okay, but he's clutching really tightly onto Maria's skirt and talking really soft. It's a great, subtle performance from Elmo. I'm amazed at how they can completely trust Kevin Clash to nail this moment, with very small gestures and a change in the tone of his voice. Elmo looks so genuinely frightened that I actually go into the other room to get an Elmo doll to hug. He's that good."

I was lucky to be on a three man crew who interviewed Mark Hamill back in the 90's... Mark Hamill the gracious host was gone, and we were trapped in a room with the Joker — a raving dangerous psychopathic lunatic... As they say, he commanded the room. I'd never thought I'd think this way but when he came out of the laugh and Mark Hamill, the perfect host, came back (and the Joker was gone) it was a relief. I pulled my fingers off the cushy sofa arm and relaxed my legs as I had been unconsciously pushing myself back into the couch to get away from—the Joker. I thought I could listen to Mark Hamill do the Joker all night long. But oh no. It's a very different thing when you are just listening to Mark Hamill do the Joker on TV in the front room, then it is to actually be in the front room and have Mark Hamill become The Joker. That's not so funny. Still, after we all started to breathe again we applauded. Standing ovation.
YouTube comment, Uber Eats commercial

Real Life

"This is the best picture I have made, and it's the only time I've been able to act."
Clark Gable after seeing a rough cut of The Misfits