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Quotes / Hassle-Free Hotwire

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Stewie: Quick! Hotwire the car!
Brian: "Hotwire"? I don't even pump my own gas!

Deeks: What if there's no keys in it??
Kensi: We hotwire it.
[Deeks stares at her in disbelief]
Kensi: Oh come on, please don't tell me you can't hotwire a car.
Deeks: I'm a cop, we stop people from doing that. What? I'm sorry if my father didn't spend the weekends teaching me how to be Jason Bourne!

[McClane and Zeus break into a car]
John McClane: You know how to hot-wire this thing?
Zeus: Of course I can, I'm an electrician. Only problem is...
[Zeus jams his pliers into the ignition and starts the car]
Zeus: takes too fuckin' long.

Diane: Can't you hotwire it?
Eddie: (snorts) You watch way too many films.

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