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In the absence of suitable replacement parts from the same species, though, gremlins attempt to fix living beings using parts from any other living creature - or from machines. These "repairs" do not turn people into cyborgs. Such ministrations are a death sentence, because the gremlin cannot fix a person using car parts. Thus, the person still appears "broken" to a gremlin, which means that the gremlin cannot leave the person alone, and attempts more repairs... until eventually, the person dies from shock or blood loss, and the gremlin sadly dismembers its "project," keeping the best parts in its lair.

The strongest biological healing agent... is a mushroom. Found in an abandoned house. I find some humor in that [...] Can be either ground into a paste or... planted directly into the wound. A small warning: you'll feel it enter you, and it is every bit as unpleasant as it sounds.
Bustling Fungus description, Risk of Rain

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