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"The rather humorous and cruel aspect of the game comes from players failing. It usually isn't a fun death. In fact, it never is. The character that you're playing with usually determines how cruel their death will seem to you. You can choose anywhere from an old man in a wheelchair, to a father and son on a bike."

Solomon Arnett, Rocky Bytes, describing Happy Wheels free download

"Happy Wheels is promoted as a video game, but I don’t feel that should lessen its value as artwork when nothing has been subtracted from my artistic process. I’m sure plenty of people think it’s mindless violence, and that’s totally OK. It is to some degree, but there’s a lot of thought and effort behind it."

Jim Bonacci, The creators project, on James Bonacci interview (2010)

"Happy Wheels is a game only for those with a strong stomach. If you do not mind blood and guts, this may just be the game for you. This is the skillful combination between a skillfully designed physics game and a severely twisted sense of humor in an extremely innovative way."

— Carlton Bryant, IGN, About this game

"The game is fairly easy to pick up and play. The controls are shown under the game window, and they are very simple. Since the game relies entirely on user-generated content, every map can have a different goal. Most of them do have a goal area you must reach, while the way to get there can be everything from driving in a straight line to not being able to reach it by design."


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