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I don't think I have the intellectual ability to condense 17 years of study and experiment into 17 minutes of explanation. For the moment, it will have to suffice to say that the people you witness before, living under my care and protection, are animals that have been fused with human genes.
Dr. Moreau, The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)

Reynardine: It behaves that way because she wills it so. That's how a blinker stone works!
Kat: That doesn't explain anything!
Reynardine: It explains enough, doesn't it?
Kat: Ugh! That's a terrible ethic!

Christina: How does a crystal drive a bus?
The Doctor: In a super clever outer-spacey way... just trust me.
Doctor Who, "Planet of the Dead"

Of course, the real question is, where did I get the cup of tea? Answer: I'm the Doctor. Just accept it. (sips tea)
The Doctor, Doctor Who, "The Magician's Apprentice"

Stan: Jeff?! I thought you drowned!
Jeff: Nope.
Stan: Alright.

Zadok: We have ambient light. That means it's coming from everywhere at once. If there's space up there, it's white too.
Ghanny: So?
Zadok: So shouldn't that light be accumulating and blinding us all?
Tailsteak: Light in this universe breaks back down into heat after traveling 1.85 kilometres.
Ghanny: Einstein would have a fit.
1/0 [1]

I don't have to explain every little impossible thing to you!
Dr. Dinosaur, Atomic Robo

Hori: You and your damned boxes! What high school student always carries around a box?!
Nozaki: I'll add in an explanation.
Mamiko: Lately, boxes are really popular with us!
Hori: You're fixing the wrong thing!

Jake: Um... am I the only one who notices that my key is the wrong color?
Gosei: Jake. There's a simple explanation for that- (cut off by explosions)

"The inquisition has ingeniously solved the query by disregarding it."

It's magic, mutant. If you think about it too hard, your brain will explode.
Frank Dean, Runaways

Guy: Immigration missing your mutant gene is one thing, but how does a guy with an adamantium skeleton avoid setting off every metal detector in the building?
Wolverine: Three little words, bub: I'm a professional.

Professor Otsuki: What, this incident? It's because of plasma. Plasma explains everything.


Time Magazine: How does the Heisenberg compensator work?
Star Trek technical advisor Michael Okuda: It works very well, thank you.
— "Reconfigure the Modulators," Nov. 28, 1994

When they wrote the script they obviously didn’t realise that (Jeffrey) Combs was going to do such a stellar job with the role and so they had to figure a way to rewind the ending of this tale where Weyoun is killed. Of course the Vorta are a clone race…didn’t you know?

Now, you shouldn't be surprised that there is magical 'interference' at work here. Because on the one hand, we can pick up lifesigns so well we can identify the species of a lifeform from lightyears away, while they're hiding inside of an asteroid field—inside of an asteroid, no less. But detecting explosives within the asteroid field? Ha ha ha, not a chance. 'Interference' usually means 'from the writer'.
SFDebris on Star Trek: Voyager, "Homestead"

It is, we learn, an Asian crocodile. "How did he swim across the sea?" a lawman asks, not unreasonably. "They conceal information like that in books," one of the movie's croc lovers answers sarcastically. I dunno; I thought it was a pretty good question.

Chris: The Penguin is thrown into the river, bassinet and all, and rather than sinking and drowning, he floats into the sewers where he’s found by a flock of penguins who are inexplicably living in Gotham City’s sewer.
David: I guess they escaped from the zoo?
Chris: The movie actually shows them being from an abandoned aquarium, because apparently when the money runs out, you just stop going to work and leave all the animals to fend for themselves. And again, I mentioned this in passing with the first movie, but I’m kind of okay with Gotham City being a place where weird stuff like that happens.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Batman Returns

See, this immortal sanctuary is specifically mentioned as holy ground. As in that one place where no immortal can ever fight. As in the place where the one time in recorded history where an immortal killed another immortal on holy ground, the entire city of Pompeii got destroyed. Now Kell leads a band of evil immortals to the sanctuary, kills all the monks, and then decapitates the dozen or so helpless immortals there. The result? Nothing. Nothing happens. Turns out that the whole holy ground thing is all a myth and that immortals just like to handicap themselves that way just because.


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