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"Last Battle with your
Rival. We don't See he
no more in this game!
Now are you going to
fight against the
Imperator! Do not forget
to get equipped with 2
hammers before going to"
—One of the only helpful hints in the game. However, using both a Racoon and a Hammer is more useful.

"What happened? Is Blackout half deaf? Did he really this badly miscommunicate the music? It hardly sounds anything like the original. It's a fucking insult to Mega Man."

"You should have just maybe put in a pit of Munchers, you don't need to do that. If I was the designer in charge, and I was making a Kaizo hack, sure my Kaizo hack would suck, and this is still undoable anyway."

"Look! I'm not going to redo this [Pokemon Move Hole], this [Tail Dragon Menace], this [Jumping Fish Ship] and the secret exit of this [Lift Mayhem] just 'cause the author can't finish a fucking level like a normal human being."

"Are you shitting me?! I need a fire flower to finish the level."

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