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Quotes / Half-Breed Discrimination

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"This is proof that the blood of both beorc and laguz course through me. And so, I am anathema to both."

Soren: ...I'm...Branded. I'm one of the Branded.
Ike: A Branded? What's that?
Soren: It's a cross between a beorc and a laguz. Such a taboo union violates every teaching of the goddess. And of society. We are untouchables. Abominations. Condemned to a life of hatred and shunning from both races.

Warlord Lahn: You've attained victory, and I accept defeat.
Keith: It doesn't have to be victory or death. I know it's the Galra way, but—
Lahn: And what do you know of the Galra?
Keith: My mother is Galra. She's a member of the Blade of Marmora. So am I.
Lahn: The mutinous Blades have all but perished. Are they so diminished in numbers that they're forced to enlist a half-breed and his mommy?


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