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"That's where the truth lies, right down here in the gut. Do you know you have more nerve endings in your gut than you have in your head? You can look it up. I know some of you are going to say "I did look it up, and that's not true." That's 'cause you looked it up in a book. Next time, look it up in your gut. I did. My gut tells me that's how our nervous system works."
Stephen Colbert, at the White House

Something about the way you taste
Makes me wanna clear my throat
There's a message to your movements
That really gets my goat

I looked for sniffy linings
But you're rotten to the core
Devo, "Gut Feeling"

You see, women have a special intuition that warns them when a man is carrying a thermos of breast milk or a wallet made of face. Not that I would know, ladies.

"I have a gut feeling. Which is odd, because I don't really have a gut. Or feelings."

Seven of Nine: Intuition is a human fallacy: The belief that you can predict random events.
Captain Janeway: Oh, belief had nothing to do with it. At some level, conscious or otherwise, I was aware of several factors: The trajectory of the disk after I hit the wall, the sound it made on its return, and the shadow it cast on the hologrid.
Seven: Intriguing, but implausible.
Janeway: I won, didn't I?
Star Trek: Voyager, after Janeway cites "intuition" for her victory in a holodeck game

Detective Cline: Yeah, this is more like it. No more psychics and their vague visions and predictions. Hell, we don't even need our own hunches. This case is now just about good ol' fashioned forensic police work.
Scully: Mulder, it's the bellhop! He's the killer. The bellhop at the hotel.
Detective Cline: How the hell does she know that?
Mulder: Women's intuition.
The X-Files, "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose"

Max: ... What are you looking at?
Boss Leader: Probably nothing. Logically something. Possibly anything. You can never know with animal instinct.
Paranatural, after Boss Leader detects... something in Max's mind.

"Wonderful. We have all the resources of Zen, Orac, and the Liberator, and you FEEL that they are in trouble. You do not FEEL it, you REASON it. They have not called in, therefore they must be in trouble. You don't have to be telepathic to know that."
Avon, Blake's 7, "Horizon"

GLaDOS: Congratulations. You've stopped listening to your frontal lobe, and are going with your gut. Where all the faeces are.
Poker Night 2, if the player places a particularly large bet

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