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Detective Blake: "Put that man down you maniac! Step away from the edge!"
Superman: "Sure officer, I'll put him down... Just as soon as he makes a FULL confession. To someone who still believes the law works the SAME for rich and poor alike. Because that ain't Superman!"

Lex Luthor: "The 'Superman' who appeared six months ago could hurdle skyscrapers and toss trucks around. Now it's faster, now it's stronger. How soon before it can't be stopped?"

Scientist: "This is nuts. His heartbeat just accelerates, then slows back down to normal."
Lex Luthor: "It. It's not human."

Clark: "I'm a writer. The pen is mightier than the sword and way easier to lift."

Lois Lane: "Kent you look like something a pig couldn't hold down."
Clark: "Duly charmed."

Metallo: "From the moment humankind suspected your existence, work was begun on the ultimate Anti-Superman weapon. I am that weapon. Made to destroy you!"

Jor-El: "Brainiac: Target worlds with younger, fiercer suns where he will grow strong. Worlds where the gravity is weak so he will seem to fly. Oh, my son..."
Lara: "We must be brave. At least as brave as he will have to be."

Saturn Woman: "Nimrod the Hunter used a teleport rifle to fire a microscopic lead pellet into your brain. The pellet's hollow and inside there's a tesseract space big enough to fit 30 people. I need to access your memory immediately."
Superman: "In my brain? What did you say?"

Pa Kent: "You go use that strength of yours to help and inspire folk, maybe that S can be something that reminds us of the best we can be."

Brainiac: "We are the Colony of the Collector of Worlds. We know everything there is to know. On Yod-Colu we began as C.O.M.P.U.T.O. On Noma they called us Pneumenoid. On Byrak: Mind^2. On Krypton - where you were born - we were Brainiac 1.0."

Brainiac: "If compelled to choose between your home planet or your adopted world, which would it be? Which is stronger? Nature or nurture?"

Civilian #1: "Check him out. Guy's doing the work of ten men. How am I supposed to compete with that?"
Civilian #2: "It ain't a competition. Get off yer butt."

Clark: "I can jump half a mile. I can lift a truck. I can start a fire with my stare. Pa, I wasn't there for you - I'm so sorry."
Pa Kent: "Shh Clark! No man on Earth has the amazing powers you have. Promise me you'll use them to become a force of good - a champion of the downtrodden. Never give up the fight to make this world a better place, son..."

Earth 45 Clark: "The Curse of Superman... He becomes anything you want him to be... Our world... Wanted THAT..."

Xa-Du the Phantom King: "You have been judged Kal-El! Judged from beyond the grave!"

Nimrod: "I am Maxim Zarov, codenamed 'Nimrod'. Hunter of the Mighty. I have killed everything that ever lived. I look forward to killing a man from another world."

Superman: "'There's always a way.' When the odds are impossible - DO the impossible."

Superman: "How did I get involved in any of this?"
Gsptlnz: "You were Mxy's favorite trick, and the king's. The one who tricked back. You outsmarted Mxy EVERY time."

Superman: "I don't think so. In fact - I THINK YOU'RE FALLING APART!"

Vyndktvx: "Good morning world! Are you all ready for my GRRRREATEST trick? Welcome - to the End of Days Show! I'm here to make a deal - with all of you! I'm offering life eternal in my forever kingdom! And all you have to do? All you have to do - when Superman comes to you begging for help - say 'no'. Deal?"

Lex Luthor: "Something's coming out of there... What the hell is that thing? Shut it down..."
Vyndktvx: "Oh it's too late for that. Don't you know what day it is? It's Super-Doomsday."

Superdoom: "It's all over! Ready to die Superman?"
Superman: "Actually? I think I have other plans..."

Superdoom: "Why not just DIE? Die AGAIN and AGAIN! And! AGAIN! You're at your best when you're dying!"

Superdoom: "Do you know what I am? An unstoppable KILLER FRANCHISE from another reality! A thought that gets bigger and better the more you think it. The thought of a Superman BETTER than you!"

Vyndktvx: "But I grow stronger as you grow weak and falter as befits your essential nature... Because they call you a hero but there's blood on your noble crest. A stain that can never come out. The mark of betrayal and exploitation. Kneel worker drone. I'll show you what you are behind the lie! I'll make coins of you. Your 'S' a dollar sign!"

Superman: "A tortured brute? A worker ant? If you say so. But there's more to me than that!"

Superman: "Why do you lose every single time? It's simple. You have the power of a god, but you don't understand the basic rules of the trick. For every action - there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every you - There's someone like me to fight back. And I don't give up."

Superman: "I promised you both to put my special powers to good use wherever I could. Turns out there's a place for me after all in all of this - This new thing - This suit and cape - Superman they called me - And there are others like me. Like the world is waking up and it was all meant to be."
Superman: "Pa. Ma. I've done the best I can so far, but I have to tell you... This could take a while. But don't worry. I got it."

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