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Why do people have such a morbid facination with this? It's disgusting and tragic.
Stephan, Jagged Alliance 2

”I’m pretty sure I can see right through the holes in your body.”

When Beyond Birthday committed his third murder, he attempted an experiment. Namely, to see if it were possible for a human being to die of internal hemorrhaging without rupturing any organs. Specifically, he drugged his victim so they fell unconscious, tied them up, and proceeded to beat their left arm thoroughly, being careful not to break the skin. He was hoping to bring about enough hemorrhaging to cause death from loss of blood, but this attempt ended, sadly, in failure. Blood congested in the arm and it turned purplish red beneath the skin, but the victim did not die. They simply shook, convulsed, and remained alive. He had been convinced the blood loss incurred was enough to kill someone, but apparently he had underestimated the matter. As far as Beyond Birthday was concerned, the actual method of murder rated fairly low on the amusement scale, and it was never more than an interesting experiment. It did not particularly matter to him whether it succeeded or not. Beyond Birthday simply shrugged, and took out a knife...
Death Note, Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases, page 9 (Leaping over the Moral Event Horizon in the first paragraph)

The way the camera zooms in and shows the victim's bones as they splinter like dry twigs is exactly the same way one would film a cum shot. ... Not that I can't handle a bit of gore, but it gives me the same feeling I get from watching midget-on-giraffe porn; a sense of "I'm certainly not getting off to this, but I know someone in the world is and that's what makes me uncomfortable.

The old man climbed out of his seat in the sixth row and went shuffling up the aisle, asking people what time it was. 'Do you have the time?' be kept asking. 'The time? What time is it?'

A woman sitting across the aisle advised him to shut up and get lost. 'I paid my money and I want to see the movie,' she said. She gobbled her buttered popcorn and stared at the screen, where a stripper was biting off a snake's head.

'Ooo-eee,' somebody said in the darkness.

'What time is it?' the man asked. He was back again.

I think it was when the stripper bit off the snake's head that I first began to ask myself what I was doing in the theater.

Are they just poor slobs who got suckered in by the ads? Or are they geeks enjoying a busman's holiday? Should I rate the movie with stars, or vomit bags? Why did the old man want to know what time it was? Had he missed the feeding at the zoo? Why wouldn't anyone tell him? Didn't they know? Didn't they care that it was late... very late?

Roger Ebert losing his mind, Stanley (1972)

Dawn of the Dead. 300. Sucker Punch. These are all absurdly gritty, bloody festivals of slow-mo violence which often double as masturbation fodder for the criminally insane.


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