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2-D (Stuart Pot)

"I never really thought about anything as far as I can remember."


"Hello... You lost me at hello..."

"I know there's a rumor going around that my real name is Stuart Tusspot, or summfink, but that's not true. It's Pot. Stuart Pot."

"Just a peppermint Tea for me..."

(On how he would explain the band to someone who had never heard of them) "We are a band."

Murdoc Niccals

"I'm Murdoc Niccals, and I'm up for it. All the time."

(To 2-D): "Hey! Faceache!"

"Full frontal pelvic thrust bass shagging!"

"Kids eh? Little treasures, I love 'em... couldn't eat a whole one though..."

"I don't care about your pain. Entertain me. Or go home."

"Purple Headed Trouser Snake... I have no idea why I said that... Are we allowed to say that on the Tellypod... ?... Telly... I... iPod..."

[Answers phone]"Mmmm, Motorola. Look, I can't talk now. I'm Naked!" [goes back to playing the piano].

"The Bath! Hey you guys, I'm just gonna take a Bath."



"My name is Nuudoru."

"Thank you and see you soon! Bye-Bye!"

"Every band is destroyed by its success. Cartoon bands are no exception."

(On De La Soul's performance in Feel Good, Inc)"Many people in life seem drawn to the more insane figures, who throw their weight around, seemingly oblivious to the effect that they have on people's feelings. Maybe they see this attribute as a sign of strength. However, I believe it's a downward spiral in which everyone gradually has their soul eroded."

"❗️👑 KATSU ❗️"

(When Murdoc is in her room in the MTV Cribs video) "(Shouting in Japanese) It's my room! (Throws her game at the camera) Get out! GET OUT!"


(To Murdoc) "Man, where'd you get that outfit?! You can't go dressin' up as a goddamn Nazi! You cracker-ass..."

"Where my eel at?"

"Yeah, I got a real appetite."

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