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"The belief that boys shouldn’t be interested in girl things is the main reason there’s hardly anything decent for girls in animation — or almost any media for that matter. It’s a backwards, sexist, outdated attitude."
Lauren Faust, creator and former executive producer of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, now famous for its male demographic

"I think the picture would have done better with a different title. Girls and women went to it, but men tended to stay away because it sounded sweet and sticky."
Walt Disney on why Pollyanna wasn't as successful as he had hoped

The roundabout "point," for me at least, is that this question comes up a lot, and it always bugs me because there seems to be this unspoken assumption that if this game is about Romance and it's For Girls then that makes it worse. Whenever someone asks me this question in an interview I feel like the unspoken question is more like "Games made for women can't possibly be good because they're about dumb things like romance, so can you explain why I should care about this game?" ... If you just aren't keen on romance, fine, romance isn't for everyone and there's nothing wrong with that. What I'd just like to see less of is this conflation of "for women" with "bad."
Ben Bateman, responding to a question about whether the romance aspect of Sweet Fuse: At Your Side is "overdone."

"It's seen as a girl movie. And girl is not cool. Anything female is not cool in the Comic Con world. If you're a guy who likes this movie, it's like, oh, you're not a real man, this is a girl thing. It falls into that, and it pisses me off actually. It's a reflection of our culture and our culture sees anything female as less-than. You know what? These girls around the world have made us a $1.8 billion franchise. So there's a lot of power going on there. If the culture could allow guys to enjoy something that was actually female, I think that stuff would go away."
Melissa Rosenberg on why the Twilight series is so polarizing

"You know who else Dork Diaries is for equally? Boys AND girls! I get quite a few boys writing to me to “confess” that they enjoy Dork Diaries. That’s awesome! I’m glad! I wish they didn’t feel like it was something that should be kept secret.
You know what else? No one is surprised to see girls reading and enjoying Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Wimpy Kid and Dog Man. Like, what’s up with that?! No one makes them feel weird about it. So why shouldn’t boys read books that feature a girl main character?"
Nikki's answer to "AM I TOO OLD FOR DORK DIARIES?!!" on the official Dork Diaries site

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