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Quotes / Giant Spider

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    Card Games 

It has a quickness about it that seems unnatural for its large size, yet its hunger is about right.
Endril, Kalonian naturalist, flavor text for Giant Spider, Magic: The Gathering

Most spiders wait patiently for their prey to arrive. Most spiders aren't forty feet tall.

    Fan Works 

It showed a creature that resembled a huge spider, hundreds of feet tall, lying on its side, its legs working the air feebly. It was surrounded by a charred cocoon of spider silk and the corpses of countless spiders. However, more were erupting up from the ground and forming from its blood, which was puddled around it. Further more, the charred marks on its exterior were fading, and ichor was no longer leaking from it.


    Video Games 

Dorian: Just once, we should enter a cave and see normal-sized spiders!
Varric: Then we'd know the world is ending.
Dragon Age: Inquisition, upon encountering a massive giant spider called "Snowball"

    Western Animation 

The only thing we have to fear is giant man-eating spiders!
President Quentin Trembley, Gravity Falls


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