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"Let the door hit you where the good Lord split you."
— African-American saying, unattributed.

Carl: GO HOME!
Urkel: I don't have to take this! I'm going home!
Family Matters, approximately Once per Episode

Get out of my office, Parker! Out of my building! Get out! GET OUT! GET OUT!

"You're in my house. Get out!"
Roadhog, Overwatch

Cia: I offer you the chance to command and to kill on a scale you can't imagine.
Volga: No. Leave.

"Get out."
T-800, The Terminator

"Get. Out!"

"Nice to see you. Get out."

Ice Cube: But I get it. That's your job; the bigger the story, the bigger the check in your field of work. It's not your fault, I shouldn't blame you. What's your name, man? (reaches out for a handshake)
Interviewer: Brian. (reaches back)
Ice Cube: (takes his hand back) Eat a dick, Brian. Get the fuck outta my house. Y'all done here.

Squidward: Hey! What are you doing in my house?
SpongeBob: Hi, Squidward. Can you think of anything fun we can do?
Squidward: Get out!
Patrick: We hadn't thought of that one.
SpongeBob SquarePants, "Toy Store of Doom"

"Well, boys, this has been real educational and all, but now, let's part with that ol' EA Sports sayin': Get the fuck outta my building!"
Mr. Peters, South Park, "Crack Baby Athletic Association"

"Welcome. No one's home! Now scram—and don't come back! Gwa ha ha!"
Bowser, Super Mario 64

Scott Summers: I'm going to only ask you this once, Sue. What the hell are you doing in my tent?
Sue: Since you had to leave the fire early, I thought you might like some company.
Scott: I don't. Get out!
Sue: I just love a man who plays hard to get.
Scott: I don't play. I am hard to get. Now get out!

Get Out
Just Get Out
The following parts of the forest will be available:
None of it. Get Out.
take all your junk
and leave.
The Snatcher's final contract before Hat kid rewrites it, A Hat in Time

Elsa: Just leave.
Anna: I'm not leaving without you, Elsa.
Elsa: Yes... you are. [summons a giant snowlem]

Elroy: Get out! Get out of my Winnebago!
Jeff: You're not allowed to say that like it's a punishment!

Terence Mann: Oh, my God.
Ray Kinsella: What?
Terence Mann: You're from The '60s.
Ray Kinsella: [bashfully] Well, yeah, actually...
Terence Mann: [spraying at Ray with a insecticide sprayer] Out! Back to the sixties! Back! There's no place for you here in the future! Get back while you still can!
Ray Kinsella: [being rushed out of Mann's loft] You've changed - you know that?
Terence Mann: Yes, I suppose I have! How about this: "Peace, love, dope"? Now get the hell out of here!

Carlos: I have things to do.
Naked Woman in his bed: What do you mean?
Carlos: What I mean, I mean get out.

"I don't believe in subtlety, Kara," purred Jasmine. "I go after what I want. And I've wanted you ever since I saw you fight. What about it?" She doffed her robe, letting it drop to the floor behind her, and stood naked before the blonde. "Want a little new experience? I won't tell."
Kara finally found her voice. "Get out."

J. Jonah Jameson: Pack your things. Get out of my building.
Eddie Brock: I was just—
J. Jonah Jameson: You're fired!

"You can leave my spaceport now."

"Sure as I can be." Then he looked up at the ceiling, with its stalactites high above, swallowed, and looked at her again. "But I have to tell you something, Selina."
She waited.
"In case I don't, I've made a deposit. At a bank. Not money. I've told Alfred about it."
Her eyes widened.
"You must use it, in such an eventuality, to—"
"No, Bruce! Don't even say it. Tell me you'll stay home with me. Please."
He looked her in the eyes and could not answer.
"We will have children, Selina," he said, eventually. "One way, or another."
She turned over on her stomach, careful not to pull out the IV line attached to her arm.
Bruce bent over her. "Selina," he said.
"Go away," she said, and he could tell she was holding back tears. "Go play Batman. I'll be here if you get back. Go."
"Go away!"
He stood and left.


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