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Quotes / Gentle Giant

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"Jonathan's a gentleman through and through, he may seem a bit intimidating, but he's nothing more than an overgrown puppy."

"Jason Ogg was very big and very strong and, therefore, not a violent man, because he didn't need to be."

"Ed was like a giant, hulking, fanged version of my elderly Aunt Lissome, who rescued injured baby bats and nursed them back to health, and cried when they died, which they generally did."

"It's colossal for sure, but if you look closely, it seems so tranquil. I can't help but believe it means us no harm."

"Don't shoot! There's a kid in his hand! Kent, he only acts defensively! If you don't shoot, he's harmless! You gotta tell the general!"
Dean McCoppin on the Iron Giant, The Iron Giant

"Elliot, you may have an imposing physique, but one word from your mouth will dispel any sense of intimidation."

"I ain't scared. I just don't like hurtin' folks, is all. Ma always used to tell me, 'Boy, you're the biggest and the strongest, so you mind yourself!' Every day she told me that. Guess I done took it to heart."
Private O'Hanrahan, Fallout: New Vegas

It paints them with the image of a gentle giant type of creature. They can each and all get into a boxing match with a space marine and have a realistic possibility of winning. They look like the bastard children of a wasp and a gorilla. They carry weapons that can punch through tanks. They are the stuff of nightmares. Then you meet one.

There is no malice in those strange eyes. They step around ants.
— A description of the vespid, Nobledark Imperium