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"Rule Zero: The GM is always right."
Every Tabletop RPG, (other than Burning Wheel)

GM: "There's a shadow on the road ahead—it looks like a large group is heading your way, but you can't tell who it is."
Bob: "Just as long as it isn't Baron Rumbar, we'd be completely screwed if ...
Jan: "BOB! Sh! Rule Zero Violation!"
GM: (smiles enigmatically)
Bob: "Aw, @#$&%!!..."

"Communication between the Game Master and the players is crucial to keeping the game fun. Solicit feedback from your players from time to time and see how they feel about the experience. If they curse, spit, or stab you with a pencil, it means they probably aren't happy with the direction the game is going. Sadly, there isn't much you can do about this, unless you want to give them their way. And honestly, what's the fun in being the GM if you're just going to let players have their way?"
Shamus Young, DM of the Rings


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