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"It'll knock both your eyes out!"
Tagline for the 3-D Movie The French Line, starring the buxom Jane Russell

"Gah! You've turned my maguppies into bazongas!"
Marge Simpson, The Simpsons, "Large Marge"

"My breasts challenge you to a duel!"

"Lara Croft's boobs are so big, right, that whenever she gives someone a titwank they have to be recovered with spelunking equipment."
Yahtzee, Zero Punctuation

"Boobs do not work that way! They should not account for 60% of a woman's mass!"

"My breasts are not meat buns!"
Litchi "Boobie Lady" Faye-Ling, BlazBlue

"Ah, it's the Boobie Lady!"
Taokaka to Litchi, BlazBlue

Charles zi Britannia, Code Geass, via a Gag Dub from his Japanese voice actor

"... But I asked twenty people the first word they thought of when they think of you, and all of them said 'boobs'. Even your mom, who added that the second word she thinks of is 'boobs'."
Hazel on Jamie, Girls with Slingshots

"Don't like her!? What's wrong with her!? She's... beautiful! She's... rich! She's got huuuuge... *makes gestures on the chest area, stops a bit*... tracts of land!"
The King of Swamp Castle, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

"Oh, the wonder's of nature! A deep valley between two lofty peaks!"
Issun on Rao, Ōkami

Daria: Um, Brittany? Would you mind pointing those things in another direction?
Brittany: Sorry!

Yoshimo: Tell me, Edwina, would you like me to let out the seams on your robe? I'm quite handy with a needle. You do, after all, have the upper chest area.
Edwin(a): Silence, You Fool! Chauvinist pig! (what am I saying?) I mean to say IDIOT!

Kreese: (describes on how dangerous Elise is as a succubus/vampire)
Howard: Awesome rack on her, though!
Kreese: Aww, true dat! (Continues explaining)
Howard: Awesome rack on her, though!
Kreese: True dat!

Seolla: Don't you know how worried I was!?
Arado: ... As big as your breasts, maybe? *SLAP* Oww...!
Seolla: Jerk! Stupid! Idiot! You're the worst!!

Luke: What do you care about what a petty man like me say? You, with the sex appeal of Mieu.
Anise: The WHAT of Mieu!? When I grow up, I'll get as big as Tear!
Luke: Hah! Stuuupid. There's no way you could get those melons!
Tear: Me-me-melons, what do you mean melons!? Are you stupid!? Can't you be a little more quiet!?

Judith: So, you're jealous?
Estelle: T-that's not what I mean at all!
Judith: If that's how it is, then just wear this outfit yourself.
Estelle: Like my boobs could fill out that top! *gasps, then runs off in embarrassment*
Judith: I never said anything about boobs...

Rowen: Bazongasnote  are the burning fire at the heart of manhood!
Jude: I'm not even sure what we're even talking about
Rowen: Then you'll never know bazongas. You have to want it, Jude. You have to need it.
Jude: Then, teach me about bazongas.
Rowen: I can barely hear you. You have to mean it!
Jude: *deep breath* TEACH ME ABOUT BAZONGAS!!!
Leia: Whoa! Don't go shouting things like that!

*Cut to Sypha's boobs, bouncing*
Maria Renard: Uh huh, they're huge...
Sypha Belnades: Will you stop? These things only get in my way...
Maria Renard: H-how could you! Those are sacred gifts!

Death the Kid: On the other hand, when you're human, your hairstyles and heights are both different... *grabs the Thompson sisters' breasts* and the sizes of your breasts are different too, aren't they!? *THWACKED*
Liz Thompson: Well, excuse me for being smaller than my little sister!
Soul Eater, in about "symmetrical breast".

Chacha: (grabbing Haruko's boobs from behind) "Takeru~~ If you're going to get milk,"
Haruko: (confused) "Chacha...?"
Chacha: "Then it'll be faster to get it (pulls Haruko's blouse open) from here ♥!"
(Takeru passes out with nosebleed, as Haruko runs off in embarrassment)
Maken-ki!, chapter 26

Aurelia: Wow. I must say — congratulations on the bosoms. Top notch. They are hilarious.
Moxxi: Hmm. Jack sent you, huh? Musta bothered him somethin' awful. No worries, though. It's all in the past. What does he need?
Aurelia: Well, he asked me to shut down a jamming signa — ahhahahaha! I'm so sorry, your breasts are just WONDERFUL. I can't keep a straight face!


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