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Quotes / G.I. Joe: The Movie

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"Hey, Law & Order’s a team, man. He finds the bombs, I drive the car. We tried it the other way, but it didn't work."

"Excellent, Zarana, you have done well. We shall use this information to free my lord Serpentor, tonight."

"Hey, nobody takes the rap for me! I don't need your help anymore Duke, get outta my life!"
Lt. Falcon

"You're going nowhere space-case, you're here because you're an industrial strength foul-up! My job is to whip you into shape, and I'm talking whip. There's only two ways out of my command... on your feet like a man... or in a ditty-bag, an itty, bitty, ditty-bag... Got it?!"

"Well, save my bones for Davy Jones."/"He gives me chills."/"What'd they do to him?"/"He looks... inhuman."/"Forget that man, remember the plan. When the guards open the gates, we gone."
Shipwreck, Snow Job, Quick Kick, Lady Jaye, Roadblock

"Wass my mask, jusst as I was once a man."
Cobra Commander

"Your not fillin' your brotha's in, Mercer, What's Cobra-La?"/"I never heard of it."/"That answer gives me no comfort."
Red Dog, Mercer, Taurus.

"It's time you learn we're a team, Red Dog. We all go home, or nobody goes home."
Sgt. Slaughter

"Man, whoever heard of being shot down by salad?"

"I think Roadblock's vision can be restored, but there's nothing I can do for the snake; the mutation process is irreversible."

"Hawk, don't send 'em in—Cobra-La is booby trapped!"

"They are too late, but, to assuage your fears, I shall take precautions; Organisms of Cobra-La, detach, and defend to the death!"


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