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"I think it comes down to a choice between "The League Against Salivating Monsters" or my own personal preference, which is "The Committee for the Liberation and Integration of Terrifying Organisms and their Rehabilitation Into Society". "Erm, one drawback with that: the abbreviation is CLITORIS."
Arnold Rimmer, Red Dwarf, after having his anger stolen

We were going to call it, 'The League Against Beasts Infiltrating America', but that would have spelled out LABIA.
The Spoony One in his Terror TRAX game review

Cat: This is the Super Luxurious Omnidirectional Whatchamajigger or S.L.O.W. for short.
Sally: S.L.O.W.?
Cat: Yeah, S.L.O.W. It's better than the last name we had. Super Hydraulic Instantaneous Transporter.
Conrad: Oh, you mean-
Cat: Oh! Quick, to the S.L.O.W.!

DJ: What's so military about the Military Intelligence Bureau, anyway?
Stanfield: Damned if I know, son. I think they just made it up to facilitate the acronym.

Toby: And we are...
All Four Girls: The Kappa Kappa Kappas!
Gisele: Or the KKK. But we don't wear hoods, we wear hoodies!

Agent Brand: I represent the Sentient Worlds Observation and Reaction Division.
Beast: The government and their acronyms. Honestly, it's adorable.

Basil: I'm sorry. That data is SuPer-Admin Restricted Desktop Access password-protected.
Maya: SuPer-Admin Restricted Desktop Access password-protected!? What!? This is madness!
Phoenix: No, Maya, this is SPARDA.

Zelda: Oh yeah! We are awesome baby! Z.A.P!
Amy: Z.A.P.?
Zelda: It's our new group! Zelda, Amy, and Peach! I tried P.A.Z. but it didn't catch on…
Paper Mario X, Chapter 63: Beating Bowser, Part 2: The Girls are Beaming

Ganondorf: B.E.G.? What the heck does THAT stand for?
Eggman: It's our initials, dingdong!
Sonic: No, it means you beg for mercy! [high-fives Link]
Kirby: It also fits because Team Z.A.P. is an acronym of initials too!
Bowser: Yeah…That's still a pretty clever name…beats G.E.B., that's for sure.
Paper Mario X 2, Chapter 75: Big Beatings Back to Back

Maria Hill: What does S.H.I.E.L.D. stand for, Agent Ward?
Grant Ward: Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division.
Maria Hill: And what does that mean to you?
Grant Ward: It means somebody really wanted our initials to spell "shield".

"M.U.T.O., Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism. It is, however, no longer terrestrial, it is airborne."
Admiral Stenz, Godzilla (2014)

Dr. Doofenshmirtz: Today is the day we reveal to the Tri-State Area the existence of the League Of Villainous Evildoers Maniacally United For Frightening Investments in Naughtiness!
Dr. Bloodpudding: You want us to be called L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N.?
Phineas and Ferb, "Nerdy Dancin'"

Calvin: Our top-secret club, G.R.O.S.S.– Get Rid Of Slimy GirlS!
Susie: "Slimy girls?!"
Calvin: I know that’s redundant, but otherwise it doesn’t spell anything.

I could claim that NOAH stands for “Nominated Observers of Artifacts Historical,” and so it does, technically — but my true reason for choosing this name stems from the fact that it is shared by a vaunted Allagan archmagus.
G'raha Tia, Final Fantasy XIV

Tabitha looks from me to Clyde. "Fucked system," she says very deliberately.
I realize that it would be very hard to tell if Tabitha ever spontaneously developed Tourette's. Still, Clyde reaching across the table and high-fiving her is probably a fair sign it didn't just happen.
"The what?" I manage.
Tabitha rolls her eyes at my ineptitude. "Functional Userface for Counter-Thaumaturgy. F.U.C.T. FUCT system."
I glance at Felicity. She shrugs apologetically. "Unfortunate acronym."
Broken Hero, by Jonathan Wood

Welcome back to Robyn from the all-new, totally revamped Department for Social Affairs and Citizenship. I've got no fucking idea what it means, but it spells "SAC"!
Malcolm Tucker, The Thick of It

"Leading figure in C.L.O.N.C, the Criminal League Of Naughty Critters!"
Moshi Monsters: the Movie

Harry Potter: "Spew? What's this about?"
Hermione Granger: (impatiently) "Not spew, it's S-P-E-W. Stands for the Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare."
Ron Weasley: "Never heard of it."
Hermione Granger: (briskly) "Well, of course you haven't, I've only just started it!"
Ron Weasley: (slightly surprised) "Yeah? How many members have you got?"
Hermione Granger: "Well, if you two join, three."
Ron Weasley: "And you think we want to walk around wearing badges saying 'spew', do you?"
Hermione Granger: (hotly) "S-P-E-W! I was going to put Stop the Outrageous Abuse of Our Fellow Magical Creatures and Campaign for a Change in Their Legal Status- but it wouldn't fit. So that's the heading of our manifesto."
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

"We ended up getting detention, except my school didn't call it detention, they called it 'C.A.R.E.' Which I'm sure was an acronym for something. If it wasn't an acronym, that would have been a weird thing to call detention."
James "theodd1sout" Rallison, "Academy Anecdotes (School Stories)"

Robin: It this true? Are you really building a doomsday device?
Jade: No, it's not my doomsday device, it's my D.O.O.M.S.D.A.Y.- oh, oh! I see the confusion! D.O.O.M.S.D.A.Y. stands for Digitally Ordering Online Movies Streaming Directly At You. In retrospect, we probably should have gone with a better title, but believe me, it is going to revolutionize the movie industry! Once finished, it will broadcast my superhero movies all over the world!
Teen Titans Go! To the Moviesnote 

P is for 'priceless', the look upon your faces
E is for 'extinction', all your puny races
R for 'revolution', which will be televised
F is for how 'f**ked' you are, now allow me to reprise
E is for 'eccentric', just listen to my song
C is for 'completion' that I waited for so long
T is for the 'terror' upon you I'll bestow
My name is Perfect Cell. And I'd like to say...hello.
—"The Perfect Guy", Dragon Ball Z Abridged

"Advice for new bands: When coming up with a band name, make sure it's acronym displayed really large on your artwork or t shirts won't be complicating matters. You're welcome."

"The golem of myth is a clay creation that moves under its own power. Our spelling's a mite different, though. The original blokes are spelled G, O, L, E, M, but me and me mates are G, A, U, L, E, M. That's an acronym for General-purpose AUtonomous Labor Electronic Machine. Truth to tell, it's a bit rubbish when you write it out all like that, but I figure they wanted to make sure they had the "golem" thing in there, what with us being robots and all."

Barry: I knew it was a mistake to issue weapons. We're a government department not a paramilitary unit!
Derek: Yeah, the Astro Investigation and Defence Service!
Ozzy: Wish we'd change that name!

Bunny: So you're up against ZEALOT, which is an acronym for; The Evil Anti-defamation League of Taruz.
Fal: Isn't that "TEADLT?"
Bunny: Anti-defamation is hyphenated, and the O in "of" is kept.
Fal: That's still "TEALOT."
Bunny: Not if you say it like their commander does.


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