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"K-On! was the final evolution Kyoto Animation had set on the path they started. While Haruhi could still be seen as a high school comedy with a sci-fi twist, and Lucky Star could be seen as a Slice of Life high school comedy in the same vein as Azumanga Daioh, just with a very, very, strong moe element, K-On wasn't really any of those. It was just... Moe, and it was the first time people started calling an entire show as such. (...) K-On made moe the biggest thing in anime after its release. It wasn't mecha, it wasn't action or romance, it was cute girls doing cute things, and it changed the way we look at anime today. K-On wasn't just popular, K-On didn't just cement moe or create some kind of trend. K-On damn near created its own genre. The evolution became a revolution.


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