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TT: Ok, well it's not like it's that important. Just a super obvious thing that'll probably occur to you later when you're looking in the fridge you don't have, at which point you'll feel like an idiot.

"At first I was sort of disturbed by this episode. Then I realized the genius behind it."
Lawlwhat, on this Jimquisition episode

"The more you think about it, the greater MOTHER 3 will become."

On works

"There are two 'overworld' themes in MOTHER: "Pollyanna," which plays when Ninten travels alone, and "Bein' Friends," which plays when he's in a group. When Ninten leaves the graveyard with Pippi, "Bein' Friends" plays for the first time. Once he drops her off and steps out into the street by himself, the tune reverts to the slower, somewhat less cheerful "Pollyanna," contributing an added weight of significance to Ninten's resumed solitude − a weight that would have been absent without this relatively minor detail."

"The argument is that Blofeld’s threat of germ warfare is far more serious than kidnapping spaceships or stealing nukes, and it is—to a point. I do like the idea that Bond faces the threat of engineered sterility just as he gets married, it seems almost fitting."

"Chun-Li has been dressed in a Player-2 Palette Swap of her video game outfit (or, you know, close enough), and starts recounting her origin story while Bison walks in and changes behind a screen, next to a hatrack featuring his Evil Dictator chapeau in various style. All the different-colored hats and Chun-Li’s outfit seem to be very clear nods to palette swapping and how prevalent it was in fighting games of the time. If only anything else in the movie similarly seemed to wink at video-game-savvy viewers."
Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on Street Fighter

"They could have taken the route of having the X-Files as a respected organisation that deals with genuine cases of alien abduction and completely blown the credibility of the series. Something akin to the Doctor Who spin off Torchwood which cannot help but be a hyper camp send up of this show because it takes its claims of 'outside the government, beyond the police...' so seriously you either have to laugh or switch off. Instead, Chris Carter dropped Mulder in the basement of the FBI building and had his department (can you really be a department with one office and one worker?) scoffed at by all the high flyers that are being promoted to bigger and better things. It immediately warms the audience both the character and his work because we all love a lost cause, but it also gives the series a firm foot in reality. Despite the evidence that we would see throughout series one, nobody outside of this office believes that these supernatural events actually happen. That’s very important because it allows the average Joe in the televisual audience to connect with this show when they wouldn’t usually bother with science fiction. They are the people that Mulder is trying to convince."
Doc Oho on The X-Files, "Pilot"


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