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Sherlock Holmes: They loaded their haul into an ambulance—American-made in the late '90s. They haven't been gone more than an hour.
Joan Watson: (beat) The driver had a lazy eye, the other two met at basketball camp, and one has canine lupus. (Sherlock turns and stares at her.) You see how it feels? Just tell me how you know.
Sherlock: Well, just... These tire tracks, they're varying axle bases. The front wheels, little bit closer together. That is a very rare configuration. It's common only in ambulances and certain U-Haul-style box trucks. Now, if I was trying to make my way unimpeded through a storm-locked area, I'd rather be in an ambulance than a U-Haul. Wouldn't you?
Joan: (beat) Two inches of snow are falling every hour. Those tracks would be impossible to see, unless they were here within what, the last 90 minutes or so?
Sherlock: Very good, Watson. And given the current conditions, it's not too late to catch them.
— "Snow Angels", Elementary


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