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"At least we'll last longer than Enterprise
That cheap pop song
Didn't last you long, did it, guys?"

People always say, "You can't kill this business, you can only bruise it." But what happened with WCW is living proof that you can kill this business when the people running it know nothing about it.
Bobby Heenan, WCW announcer 1994-2000

There are few topics in Doctor Who, or indeed, in the history of television in general as meticulously and forensically analyzed as the failures of the TV Movie. Everybody knows what went wrong here... Still, in the interests of completism, let’s go ahead and rehearse the autopsy.

"Sure was a nice IP while it lasted "

This is one of the worst examples of a movie franchise that not only shot itself in the foot, it stuffed the shotgun down its pants and splattered its own genitals into the toilet with birdshot. Highlander 2 also marks the first ever movie I saw in a theater where I tried to kill myself by attempting to shove my own thumb through my forehead and swirling it 'round to turn my frontal lobes into mashed potato.

Matt: This is the only one of these films that has been on Netflix Watch Instantly, which is a good thing because I refuse to pay to see it. Netflix predicts I will give it exactly one star. It’s also the lowest-rated of the ’90s movies we’ve seen on IMDb: 3.1.
Chris: There is a good reason for that: It is Not Very Good.
Matt: More proof of that: This movie was so bad, it killed the comic that inspired it.
— Chris Sims and Matt Wilson on Barb Wire

George and Amal Clooney have a panic room in their fancy London house. I’m guessing it’s just a regular room whose door has a Batman & Robin poster on it. Nobody wants to get near anything Batman & Robin related.


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