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"I have no sword. I don't need a sword. Because I am the Doctor, and this is my spoon."
The Doctor to Robin Hood, "Robot of Sherwood", Doctor Who

"Do not underestimate the fork. The fork... is the strongest weapon in the universe."

Captain Gutt: Grab your weapons, mates! (beat) Not the spoon, Flynn!
Flynn: Oh. (breaks a piece out of the spoon, making it pointed)

The Shoveller: You're the master of cutlery. You can't throw a knife sometimes when someone's trying to kill me?
The Blue Raja: No, I can't. You can't use a rake sometimes?
The Shoveller: No, I'm the Shoveller.
The Blue Raja: Well, I'm the Blue Raja. I'm not Stab Man. I'm not Knifey Boy. I'm the Blue Raja.

Mark Hamill: Homer, use the for...
Homer: The Force?
Mark Hamill: The forks! Use the forks!

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