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Quotes / For Halloween, I Am Going as Myself

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Homestar: Hey, guess who I'm supposed to be!
Strong Bad: Um... Homestar Runner?
Homestar: Hey, you got it! First try! Was it my star or propeller cap that gave it away?
Strong Bad: It was your unbelievably loose grasp on the world around you.

Elevator Passenger: Cool Spidey outfit.
Spider-Man: Thanks.
Elevator Passenger: Where did you get it?
Spider-Man: I made it.
Elevator Passenger: Looks uncomfortable...
Spider-Man: Yeah, it's kind of itchy... and it rides up in the crotch a little bit, too...

All of the characters are putting on giant plastic Johnny Gat mascot heads.
Joshua Birk: You're robbing a bank dressed as yourselves?
Johnny Gat: Hell yeah, who doesn't want to be Johnny Gat?
Joshua Birk: Ultra-post-modernism? I love it.

My costume for Halloween? Cyborg Ninja.

Kobayashi: Elma, are you sure? Your horn and tail are showing!
Elma: Kobayashi-san? Just who do you think I am? I've already done my research on how to fool everyone... This is cosplay!!


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