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Quotes / Fly in the Soup

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Mr. Johnson: "Waiter, there's a fly in my soup. Could you do something about it?"
Grover: "There is a fly in your soup in this establishment?"
Mr. Johnson: "Yeah."
Grover: "I shall do something about it instantaneously, sir! Yes sir! A fly in your soup! I shall take care of that, yes! (looks under the bowl) Let's see, a fly in your soup. Are you sure it was a fly, not a noodle or maybe a piece of hair? Because, you see, I am looking in the soup, sir, and I do not see a fly in the soup!"
Mr. Johnson: "No, no, waiter, I believe I said, "in" the soup and you're looking under the soup!"
Grover: "Oh! What? Uh... I knew that! I knew that; anybody knows that! I knew I was looking under the soup and not in the soup! All right. I will now look in the soup!"
Mr. Johnson: "Thank you! Thank you! Yes, thank you!"
Grover: "All right. In the soup! (starts looking all over the table) Let me see. I see. (singsong voice) Can't see you, little fly. No, no, no, no, no. I am looking in the soup, sir, and I do not see a fly!"
Mr. Johnson: "Waiter, you're looking next to my soup! The fly isn't next to my soup; the fly is IN my soup!"
Grover: "Well, of course! Of course it is in your soup!"
Mr. Johnson: (frustrated that Grover is being a Captain Obvious) "Yes, of course!"
Grover: "Well, do not accuse me of not knowing what 'next to' and 'in' means."
Mr. Johnson: "Of course!"
Grover: "All right! All right! I will look in the soup now!"
Mr. Johnson: (wanting Grover to hurry up) "Thank you!"
Grover: "For this supposed fly! All right, in the soup. (looks on the edge of the bowl but not at the actual soup) Oh, fly-y! Little fly-y! Cute little fly-y! No, I am looking in the soup and I do not see a fly, sir. I think you are mistaken."
Mr. Johnson: (angry) "No, no, now you're looking on my soup! You see, the fly isn't on my soup, it's not under my soup, it's not next to my soup, the fly... is in my soup and you haven't even LOOKED in my soup! You've looked EVERYWHERE but in my soup!"