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Knight: Things aren't always what they seem. People aren't always who they claim to be.
Shobu: Then who are they?
Knight: You'll figure it out in time. Trust in yourself.
Shobu: No, seriously, who are they?
Knight: It doesn't matter who they are. Only who you are.
Shobu: Uh... thanks for clearing that up.
Knight: [to himself] That'll keep him guessing.
Shobu: Man, sometimes I think he does that on purpose just to confuse me.

Ben: You have to tell me how to work this thing.
Azmuth: Don't you want to figure it out on your own, like a true hero would?
Ben: Hmm... not really.

"You could just tell me things instead of insinuating them."
Apollo Justice, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

"I'm not here to give you any answers. Questions are all I have to offer a man like you."
Richard, Hotline Miami

Darth Vader: You have unlocked the secret of the temple. How did you accomplish this?
Ezra: You're smart, figure it out!

Piranesi has three Rules. The penalty for breaking them is incarceration. And the unwritten fourth rule is that Chaplains are forbidden from explaining them to visitors, so I'm afraid you must discover them yourself. Tread carefully in the meantime.
Your Chaplain, Sunless Skies

Aw come on, I can't tell you everything right away! That would make for a boring story, don't you think?


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