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You know, men and women throwing barbs across the barbed wire fence — that clearly isn't going to get us's a struggle against a culture that is crushing both sexes.
Katherine Viner

You can't shit up a pyramid.
Stavvers, Twitter feminist

How angry would you be if your vacuum cleaner suddenly refused to work? I dunno about you, but when things like that happen to me I swear at the errant machine and feel pretty damned aggrieved. Men extend the same logic to women who don't want to be treated as equipment.

Once again, feminism DOES NOT mean you don’t love men; feminism means you believe women are equal to men. Period. The End. Someone check to see if Shay-Lean is awake and is writing all this down, because she’s going to need to remember it for the next time wants to explain Feminism as ‘raising women to power to take men away from the power’. And I know I just typed what she said word-for-word, but it still sounded like Engrish.

It’s a shame, but not an unsurprising outcome, that the growth of feminism has given birth to this very extreme branch, but as I have said all these years: if they are not interested in male rights as well as female, they do not uphold the unconditional foundation goal of feminism. Therefore, regardless of how they identify themselves, they are not true feminists. It’s as simple as that — the banner of feminism does not fly with an impaled male organ at its side, it is a banner of equality, a banner that proposes the end to patriarchy — not the rise of a matriarchy.

Communism as an ideology had been passionately committed to women's equality and liberation, in every sense including the erotic, in spite of Lenin's own dislike of casual sexual promiscuity. (However, both Krupskaya and Lenin were among the rare revolutionaries who specifically favored the sharing of housework between the sexes)...Yet, with rather rare exceptions...they were not prominent in the first political ranks of their parties, or indeed at all, and in the new communist-governed states they became even less visible. Indeed, women in leading political functions virtually disappeared...When women streamed into a profession opened to them, as in the U.S.S.R., where the medical profession became largely feminized in consequence, it lost status and income. As against Western feminists, most married Soviet women, long used to a lifetime of paid work, dreamed of the luxury of staying at home and doing only one job...whatever the achievements and failures of the socialist world, it did not generate specifically feminist movements,and could indeed hardly have done so, given the virtual impossibility of any political initiatives not sponsored by state and party before the mid-1980s
Eric Hobsbawm, The Age of Extremes.

Some people ask "Why is Feminism called this, instead of that?" This is, always and without exception, something done for the sole purpose of destabilising, dividing, and derailing feminism by asking f*cking stupid questions."
'Anonymous, YouTube.

"When you say "I'm not a feminist," what part doesn't appeal to you? Is it the "equality" part? Bc that's all the parts. That's the only part."


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