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The first fat L'il Riverdale character we meet is named Fatty! And their nickname for him is Fatso! There's no biting analogy for something like that — when you're a writer and you name your fat character Fatty, that's like a writer naming his fat character Fatty. It's the absolute minimum of human thought ever put into the creation of a thing. If the author named him Somename Whenlunch, it wouldn't be any lazier.

In this elite special forces troupe, they have nothing but the toughest, strongest soldiers...aaand one fat guy. I'm gonna guess he's the officer in charge of Comedic Relief.

Rather than ignore Conrad's weight the writers played it up — too much so, really. Music cues featuring comical tuba riffs follow him everywhere, and practically everyone makes wisecracks about his stomach. Even kids are shown to be enormously tactless: "How did you get to be so fat?" they'll ask. After a while you begin to wonder if anyone in America had manners.

TNA signed Rosie Lottalove, an obese Knockout fresh out of Team 3D's wrestling school, and gave her a tryout match with Daffney. Rosie seriously injured Daffney in the match by sitting on her face, but TNA hired Rosie anyway. She wrestled a few more matches for the company before they released her (because she was terrible). TNA refused to pay for Daffney's medical bills related to this accident as well as the aforementioned barbwire board accident she had suffered a few months earlier (because TNA is terrible). Daffney filed a lawsuit as a result, which was eventually settled out of court a day before the case was supposed to start (because the American legal system is terrible).


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