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"DeskOn! Apply directly to the forehead!"
Mr. Bump, Failblog

Hold up, this learned and witty discussion could go on forever.
apply your palm to your face and you will feel better, much better.

Colonel Klink: Oh! Another one of your headaches? Is there anything you could take that could help?
General Burkhalter: Yes. I can take my leave.
Hogan's Heroes Episode 4x02

"Excuse me, I'm just trying to smother myself with my own hands"

Asuka:"I'm… we're… Shinji and I are… um… expecting."
Toji: (blankly) "Expecting what?"
Hikari groaned and put her hand over her face as Misato started laughing.

Tanaka reeled back from the force of Asuka's insistent denial. "Um...right. Nothing improper! Perish the thought! Ikari-kun is a perfectly responsible young man! He'd never do anything indecent with you!"
Asuka bristled some more. "What do you mean he wouldn't do anything with me?! I'm the most beautiful girl he knows! He'd do anything he could with me, all night long, and beg for more!"
The only sound in their corner of the schoolyard was the gentle click of Rei's chopsticks against the bottom of her bento and the 'caw, caw' of a lone crow passing overhead. Shinji buried his face in his hands.

"Haha, one facepalm isn't enough for Asuka."
a post in the comments section, Aki-chan's Life

"Is anybody hurt?"
"I bith my tongue!" one of Asuka's bodyguards announced. She palmed her face.

Misato covered her head with her hands. "Don't be childish," she mumbled. "I compared you to my best friend, not to the monster she became."

Guy Smiley: Yes, Carl?
Carl Mericana: Is it a Circle?
*Buzzer Sounds*
Betty Lou: (As she placed her hand on her forehead) OH NO!
Guy Smiley: Oh, I am sorry, Carl! But that's the wrong answer!

"Ohhhhhhh, hell," muttered Lyta, and hid her face in her hands.

Reggie shook his head. "I don't know what it means, either. Not a good enough detective, I suppose." Then he leaned his head against the wall and covered his eyes with one hand.
Salem looked at Reggie, cocking his head. "What's wrong, kid? Need an Excedrin?"
From behind his hand, Reggie said, "I'm talking to a cat. I'm having a conversation with a cat. This cannot be real. I'm still dreaming, right?"

And through this period of... self-harm, you felt the compulsion to transform the mental anguish some of the tales put you through into physical pain. Completely missing the point of suffering. Externalizing the torment as a means to cope with it, making it easier for yourself. This despite the fact that even the commenters on your videos warned you about the marks you'd leave on your forehead, and you agreed your behavior was not healthy. But I wanted to know if you could see the error of your ways with the proper motivation. So we played a game, and all you had to do was follow the rulesRules : which you have failed.
Decker Shado, Jigsaw review


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