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I've got laser eyes,
And I know what you're thinking
It comes as no surprise,
Christmas lights are blinking
The Sifl and Olly Show, "I'm So Curious (Laser Eyes)"

Optic blasts, huh? Let's see you take one from a pro!
Cyclops, just before unleashing his on a Sentinel, X-Men

Superman: Try to evade the macro-laser beams as best you can, Kara — and use your heat vision to trigger the missiles from a safe distance!
Supergirl: Whatever you say, cousin! I'll follow your instructions to the letter.

"I am Mari Illustrious Makinami! And you will fear my LASERFACE!"
Mari Makinami, Nobody Dies

"That's ridiculous. Let me lend those pages my critical eye...BEAMS!!" (fwoosh)
Black Mage, 8-Bit Theater

Pronteran 1: He's using laser eye beams!
Pronteran 2: But we haven't invented lasers yet!
Demon: We have.

"Now you're just doing it to annoy me. You don't even HAVE heat vision."
Red Mage, 8-Bit Theater (after Black Mage uses Eye Beams to set fire to a dwarven village)

"Heat beam eye blasts?....HEAT. BEAM. EYE. BLASTS!"

Nonetheless, she had the sense of eyes following her — given the existence of such creatures as beholders, not a comfortable feeling.
Victor Milan, War in Tethyr

If you can see it, you can kill it.
"Eye Lasers" Description, Dungeons Of Dredmor

NOTE: StinkeyeTM brand ocular implants will allow the fulfillment of this particular fantasy. Available at Planet Mercenary stores near you!
Footnote, Schlock Mercenary

''Real heroes kill with their eyes."

Blink and destroy.
— Drobot, Skylanders

The three outlaws of Krypton were standing in a circle about Power Girl, sending six beams of heat from their eyes at her caped back. One Kryptonian could cause pain. Two could injure. Three could destroy.

Last time I rode out I shot a giant laser out of my eyes.

Hellboy: Come on, that helmet's ridiculous.
Black Manta: You'll take my optic blast seriously.
Hellboy: (laughs) Now, we're cooking with gas.

Heat. I could feel it behind my eyes again, just like when I was returning to Earth, but it was a different type. It wasn't exactly pleasurable, but it was nothing like the pain in my hands. I urged it to grow, hoping it was something I could use.
Before Behemoth could react, twin beams of scarlet light blasted out of my eyes, striking him in the chest and tearing through the outer layers like they weren't even there. The Herokiller roared furiously and let go of me, allowing me to back up and continue the barrage until he began to redirect it into the ground. I willed the attack to stop, and it obeyed. The beams disappeared, and the heat faded from my eyes.
Well. That was new.

She’d tried to keep out of the way of his Omega Effect beams, but, finally, it just wasn’t possible. The terrible beams from his eyes lanced out, caught her in the eyes, and dealt out blindness and pain. Supergirl screamed.

Shinji stared into the thing's eyes, and they were not buttons anymore. They were cores.
His eyes narrowed. Heat lanced out.
The doll screamed, catching all at once, its body bursting into flames with a throaty whump that filled the car with smoke.


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