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Think about what Darwin wrote, and think about me. I was constructed as a tool. I was kept from competing in the struggle for existence because I was denied freedom.

Do you have any idea about what I have learned, or what you are a witness to?
Durandal, Marathon

"Natural selection leaves the survivors STRONGER and BETTER! Humans have escaped this winnowing for FAR TOO LONG.
Albert Wesker, Resident Evil 5

"When did mankind lose touch with natural selection? No matter how inferior a human's genes are, that person is protected by laws, and can't be killed. Even those incapacitated in accidents or stricken with a serious illness are needlessly kept alive. What a drawn out, wasteful existence. It's this divorce from natural selection that has caused mankind to stop evolving. It's a step down. The devolution of mankind. But I intend to accelerate the culling of genetically inferior humans. To rekindle the refining fire of natural selection."
Hans Davis, Metal Gear Ac!d

German Detective: "You're playing God!"
Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr: "Somebody's got to!"

"Nature is a wonderful engineer but works far too slowly for my tastes."

"Strength is not an absolute value. To be strong is to evolve. Mutability is strength. Evolution is a string of victories by the strong over the meek. The meek shall not inherit the Earth."
Trevor Goodchild, Æon Flux

"All it required was a cocktail of dangerous, experimental surgery and a willingness to ignore the unnecessary suffering of perfectly innocent beings! Also, I shot magic into their chromosomes until they turned inside-out. Evolution is my bitch."

"... and after the state troopers gunned down my venomous gorillaphant, the zoo asked us to leave!"
Helen Narbon, Narbonic

Briarcliffe is a receptacle for human waste, each patient a perfect example of an evolutionary failure! [...] My aim was to give these wasted lives purpose, meaning, and I've succeeded beyond my wildest imagination. My experiments with a combination of syphilis and tuberculosis have produced results unseen in the history of medical science. When they arrived here, these patients were less than men. Now, because of me, they're more than human. Would you care to see what your benevolence has produced? Witness the next stage in human evolution!
Dr Arthur Arden, American Horror Story: Asylum

"When evolution fails,
science will prevail!
What nature warped, I will restore!
I will love what all abhor!"


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