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There is no hope for this world anymore. If you hate this world, like me... join me in seeking revenge.
Gendo Ikari, Neon Genesis Evangelion

Peter Petrelli: Do you know me?
Adam Monroe: Of course I know you. It's me, Adam. Don't you remember? You and I are going to change history.
Heroes, "Out of Time"

Show me how to lie, You’re getting better all the time
And turning all against the one, Is an art that’s hard to teach
Another clever word, Sets off an unsuspecting herd
And as you step back into line, A mob jumps to their feet
—"You're Gonna Go Far, Kid", The Offspring

L: You need someone to be your right hand, someone to help you. A Crown Princess. The normal process is to find out what colleagues are in prison or are drug addicts, and thereby unable to fulfill their roles as parents. Then you find out where their kids play football, and you get involved. You cheer them on for a couple of years, no matter how bad they are — actually, the worse, the better. That way, gradually you take on the role of the parent until, in the end, you have a loyal helper that will walk through fire for you.
Joe: It sounds like a kind of entrapment you're suggesting. An unsavory entrapment.
L: Call it what you want. But if you believe at all in the effects of good parenting, that kid will have much greater opportunities with you as a mentor than without.

Eidsmoe’s rise to fame is primarily related to the fact that Michelle Bachmann was one of his students while she attended Coburn Law School at Oral Roberts University. Indeed, Bachmann describes Eidsmoe as “one of the professors who had a great influence on me”, and Bachmann his research assistant on the 1987 book “Christianity and the Constitution”...One may wonder how Bachmann aligns herself with Eidsmoe’s opinion that “women must submit to their husband”, but come to think of it Bachmann has in fact said precisely that herself. Bachmann also seems to have got her theocratic sympathies from Eidsmoe... A significant source of evil in the world. Should be approached with care and preferably not at all.

Jordan Belfort: I gotta say, I'm incredibly excited to be a part of your firm. I mean, the clients you have are absolutely-
Mark Hanna: Fuck the clients. Your only responsibility is to put meat on the table. You got a girlfriend?
Jordan: I... I'm married. My wife, her name's Theresa, she cuts hair.
Jordan: Thank you.
Mark: Think about Theresa. Name of the game: move the money from your client's pocket into your pocket.
Jordan: Right... but if you can make a client's money at the same time, then it's advantageous for everyone, correct?
Blackmore: Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?
Torque: Happy.
Blackmore: Happy's not good enough. You've got to be a player; then people respect you. You understand the difference?
Torque: ...I don't know.
Blackmore: That's okay, my little one. I've got years to teach you.
The Suffering: Ties That Bind

Frank Costello: Church wants you in your place. Kneel, stand, kneel, stand.... If you go for that sort of thing, I don't know what to do for you. A man makes his own way. No one gives it to you: you have to take it. Non serviam.
Collin Sullivan: James Joyce.
Frank Costello: Smart, Collin.

Wealthy parents place their children in your hands so they will be successful when they grow up. You give them what they want. Children leave your school as Setites in spirit; you introduce the most promising to the actual worship of Set. All of your pupils soon revere you as their mentor. As graduates of your school move up the ranks of business, government and academia, your web of influence grows. Thus do you serve the Dark God.
The Schoolmaster of Sin, Vampire: The Masquerade - Clanbook: Followers of Set (revised)

Boris Dragosani: You want me to be... a scholar?
Thibor Ferenczy: Yes. When I walk this world again I would speak with learned men, not village idiots! Oh, I shall teach you, Dragosani — and far more than any tutors in Ploiesti. Much knowledge you shall have from me — and in my turn I shall doubtless learn from you. But how shall you teach me if you yourself are ignorant?
Boris: You've said as much before. But what can you teach me? You know so little of things as they are now. How can you know more? You've been dead - undead - in the ground, anyway - for five hundred years, you said so yourself!
Thibor: No fool you, Dragosani. Well, and perhaps you are right. Ah, but there are other seats of knowledge and other sorts of knowledge. Very well, I have a gift for you. A gift... and a sign that indeed I can teach you things. Things you cannot possibly imagine.

"Mr. Miyagi always told me there was no such thing as a bad student, only a bad teacher. And your dad had the worst teacher there ever was."
Daniel LaRusso regarding John Kreese, Cobra Kai

Aswadim: the bodhisattvas of the void. Teachers and sages, the aswadim prefer to interfere with mages' magickal development rather than tamper with their day-to-day affairs. An aswad never announces himself as such. He merely finds a way to get close to a promising Nephandus and takes the student under his wing. When he feels the student has learned enough, the aswad vanishes, rarely (if ever) speaking to his student again. Occasionally the aswad may take it upon himself to extricate his student from a particularly dangerous situation. The student who relies on this sort of rescue, however, isn't long for this world. Most aswadim prefer to let their students fend for themselves; a student who constantly needs assistance, they reason, isn't worth teaching.
Mage: The Ascension - Storyteller's Handbook

"What? Do you reproach me for being cold? You? You should know. I am what you have made me. Take all the praise, take all the blame; take all the success, take all the failure; in short, take me."
Estella, Great Expectations


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