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"A war. Everything was lost. Industry, people. Afterwards, the Council of Survivors decreed that we should start again, from the very beginning. Wooden tools, flint arrowheads, the wheel. Ten thousand years advancement destroyed in a day!"
Cato, Blake's 7, "Power"

"Anti-robot rioters have sacked a Servus manufactory in Paris inflicting estimated damages of half a million credits. A spokeswoman for the Home Subjugation Front called for housewives to reject the soulless machines of modern consumerism, and return to a Golden Age of exploitation and domestic drudgery."
Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space

"This is Man's best hope. Down with the modern world. Back to the Dark Ages, and the safety of holy fear."
Black-clad Alpha, Justice League (2017)

"[...]Then, there's the Luddic Path: a sect of fundamentalist space jihadists that believe the answer to man's technological hubris is rampant terrorism. Everyone hates the Luddic Path and the Luddic Path hates everyone."
Ssethtzeentach on Star Sector's factions


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