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Now on BBC ONE, the director's cut of Jurassic Park — with extra dinosaurs!
Father Ted, "A Christmassy Ted"

Hsu: We're casting our nets wider and developing a product that already has significant mainstream appeal.
Gila Mobster: Women?
Hsu: Dinosaurs.

We need Dinozord power, now!

Dinobots RULE!
Grimlock, Transformers Animated

Young Simon: So how did the Independents cut us off?
Young River: They were using dinosaurs.
Firefly, "Safe"

Professor Duncan: Alright! I am freezing Shirley with my wand, and removing her from Planet Abed with my... remote control Christmas Pterodactyl.
[A pterodactyl with a Christmas Wreath around it's neck flies in, picks up Shirley, and flies away with her]
Troy: Aw, nice!
Pierce: Now we're talkin'!
Community, "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas", during a hypnosis-driven group therapy session.

Dinosaurs and - actually, do you need anything more than dinosaurs?

Remember being a dinosaur-loving kid of the 90s? Collecting all those plastic models and learning their names as if they were Pokémon? Remember then the big event when Jurassic Park finally came to theatres in 1993? Remember the awe, and how we all so desperately wanted to be there, on that island with all our favourite reptiles? Looking up to the collossal Brachiosaurus, scaring the shit out of the fast Galimimus, escaping from the smart and cool Velociraptors? Hell, even getting eaten alive by a Tyrannosaurus wouldn't have spoiled the deal.

''I just drew a halfling riding a dinosaur, accidentally proving that Eberron was cooler after all. Well played, [Keith Baker], well played.
Rich Burlew, Twitter

Dinosaurs are the perfect killing machines, as powerful as the mighty grizzly bear, and more cunning than a thousand supercomputers.
Andrew Hussie, in his introduction to the second Dinosaur Comics book

I wasn't on board with that statement til "home-made dinosaurs".

Brittany: My fellow Americans, the theme for this year's prom will be...(does a drumroll with her feet)...dinosaurs!
Santana: Sheer genius.
Mike: This is awesome! I actually really love dinosaurs. Triceratops!
Glee, "Promasaurus"

Dinosaurs are inherently interesting and have a ‘Wow!’ factor that means new discoveries get public attention – find any crappy bit of dinosaur bone and you are guaranteed a spot in the press provided you can spin it well enough.

Who doesn't like Dinosaurs? No one! Cause they're awesome!

"If dinosaurs are so cool... Why are they (except me) all extinct?"
Philosoraptor, a popular online meme

"Any plan that involves raptors is, by design, foolproof. I'm a unmitigated genius!"
Ploint, Guild Wars 2

Man: What happened here?
Narrator: Nominated for five Academy Awards.
Man: Diane! Diane!
Narrator: Winner of three Golden Globes.
Woman: She was staying here to look after the newborns! Diane!
Narrator: The story of a woman who risked it all, for the animals she loved.
Narrator: Godzillas in the Mist! Because sometimes, a true story needs more dinosaurs!

"Every game is made better by dinosaurs. That's just fact of life."

Rexford: Thank you for coming. My name is Tiberius Rexford.
Reporter: Are... Are you a dinosaur?
Rexford: That's correct.
Reporter: ...Awesome.
Rexford: Yes it is.

"Lesson 2
themes are good
funny dinosaurs are even better"
Adam Millard - The Architect of Games in How Platinum Design a Combat System

One-Eyed Bart: I brought my attack dog—with a built-in force field!
Woody: Well, I brought my DINOSAUR...who EATS force field dogs!
(Slinky Dog slumps away wimpering)
Toy Story, redone word-for-word in Toy Story 3

Spider-Man: You can rewrite DNA on the fly and you're using it to turn people into dinosaurs? But with tech like that, you could cure cancer!
Sauron: But I don't want to cure cancer. I want to turn people into dinosaurs.
Spider Man and the X Men #1


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