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Martha Jones: Thought you were going to say [the Master] was your secret brother or something.
The Doctor:...You've been watching too much TV.

Is the Smoking Man Mulder’s father? Is this show a tedious soap opera? ...Anderson is lost amongst so much compelling cardboard. When the truth emerges and Mulder accuses her of sleeping with the Smoking Man she slaps him around the face as though she is auditioning for a role in a revamped version of Dynasty.
Joe Ford on The X-Files, "Demons"

David: Blade shows up at Frost’s compound to rescue Karen...He goes through a door and enters a white room to meet the Architect, I mean, his now-vampire mom, and then he because it’s a superhero movie, Frost shows up, has him beaten with taser nightsticks, and tells him that he bit his mom and actually created Blade as well. “Have you ever danced with the vampire devil in the pale vampire moonlight?”
Chris: This… Man, first of all, the sheer mechanics. At least they’ve already established that Blade has, for whatever unholy reason, a perfectly clear memory of his birth, so he can remember what his mom looks like, and she hasn’t aged because she’s a vampire. But how does she know Blade’s her kid? She hasn’t seen him in thirty years! How does Stephen Dorff know? I mean, is it common knowledge among vampires that Blade is really some dude named Eric Brooks? Did he go by “Eric” before he decided on a sword? Also, for real, Blade is kind of dumb for not realizing that his mom, who was killed by vampires, might come back to life as a vampire.
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Blade


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