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"Our barkeep is a hypello. No one knows his real name, so everyone calls him Barkeep."

"Oh, that is a problem, here's a solution: Ask him his fucking name!"
The Spoony One on the Trope Namer, The Spoony Experiment

Cecil Portesque: My first question has got to be, "Do you get tired of being called Millionaire?"
The Deranged Millionaire: Would you? I enjoy being a millionaire very much. Mainly on account of the millions of dollars that I own. It reminds me of my wealth.
Cecil Portesque: The other question I've gotta ask you... "Do you feel offended when people call you a Deranged Millionaire?"
The Deranged Millionaire: Yeah, well, I once had a real traditional first and last name like most normal people back when I was a... a Sane Thousandaire.
They Might Be Giants, Podcast 3A

"It was said if you heard him speak, you were never in doubt again. He was the one true savior, as he had always been. He had been the Emperor long before there was such an office to take. No one knew his birth name, for he had always been, naturally, the Emperor."

Jade: Is Uncle everyone's uncle?
Jade's Dad: He is actually our cousin... aren't you?
* Jackie and Uncle give each other confused looks*

Imouto: Oh. Cool. Anyways, I have a lot of problems in my life that I'm worried about, Emiri! For one, it's all about my name...
Emiri: What about your name, Imouto?
Imouto: That's just it! I don't know what my real name is! Everyone either calls me that, or Kyon's sister, or little sister, or the token loli! That's what I've come to be known as! Kyon's sister! My title is my own identity!
Emiri: You don't know your real name? That's an... interesting problem. Why can't you ask your parents about it? And just ask people to call you by it afterward?
Imouto: That's just it! My parents ACTUALLY named me Imouto! I was so cute as a baby, and they were such huge anime fans, that they decided to get rid of my real birth name and name me Imouto instead! Just so I could be known as Kyon's little sister... FOREVER! And because I was so young, I can't even remember what it was!
Cracks in the SOS Dan, Chapter 49

Teagan: The Hero of Ferelden should be back in Denerim by now.
Alistair: You're always so formal. S/he has a name, you know.

George: Well, he's like sixty now... and aren't your "Poppas" those guys with the indicative names...? "Heavy", "Sniper," "Engineer"?
Nana: Yep. They got real names, yannow. Although most're hidden behin' several fake I.D.s, so it's hard to tell, admittedly.
George: Never learned them, I'm sad to say.
Nana: Eh, their names weren' special. It's who they were that was special. And it's Vince, Jane, Six, Tavish, Pytor, Dell, Friedrich, Edward, and Nemo. For future reference.

Twilight: So what's your name anyway? You never told me.
Judge: Just call me "Judge".
Twilight: Really? I wouldn't like it if ponies just called me "Unicorn".
Judge: I don't mind. One short name.

"...I wish I could say that was the weirdest name I've heard today, but considering that I encountered a guy simply called 'The Soldier'..."

O'Brien: Hey, barkeep!
Quark: Don't call me "barkeep". I'm not a barkeep. I'm your host. The proprietor. A sympathetic ear to the wretched souls that pass through these portals.
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Captive Pursuit"

Angel: You know his name's not actually "Commander," right?
Jonesy: I basically treat that as his first name at this point.
Manly Guys Doing Manly Things, on Commander Badass


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