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A quotes page for Equestria: A History Revealed.

Chapter 19
I find it absolutely fascinating that such things such as sources and historical facts can be true sometimes, given that they match my opinion. But I suppose even a stopped clock can be right twice a day.

She had simply turned into a power hungry tyrant blinded by the very lies that she had helped fabricate. So in essence, she was really just Celestia Part II. But she was different ‘cuz she was dark and edgy. And nopony understood her. note 

Sheesh, those goddamn pegasi really were a bunch of complainers. “Waah, three of my children died in the war, waah, the fourth one came back with all his limbs missing.” Would you like a little cheese with that whine? Maybe a nice gorgonzola.
Wait a second. Hold the phone. I feel like I need to apologize for that extremely distasteful oversight I just made. It was extremely rude and foolish of me, and I swear on the life of that unicorn over there that I shall never be so negligent with my knowledge again.
I am of course referring to my blatant ignoring of the troubles of the earth ponies! Damn, how could I forget about them?

Chapter 33
Sure, I didn’t really want to stay in at the time, and I never listen to royal decrees either. But it seemed like my door was unable to be opened. It wasn’t because I had a massive hangover and overslept the entirety of the Changeling invasion or anything, no, it must’ve been because Celestia put a magical lock on all our doors. That rat bastard.

So what did all the Changelings do once Chrysalis declared their victory and told them to “go wild”?
They only cornered and tied up the few stragglers still in the streets (probably the tourists and the one or two royal guards that missed the memo) who ignored the curfew warning. Oh no, what a terrifying punishment from these monstrous conquerors! Rope burn can hurt a lot! And what if they're tied too tightly? Oh, would somepony think of the children!

Almost like they...disappeared. Not because they never existed, but because they were given in a deal to be feasted alive by unholy sentient baked goods.

I’m not implying anything here, but I am directly yelling in your ear that Celestia’s behind it all.


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