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"One of the hypocrisies practiced by the Death Wish movies is that they ignore racial tension in big cities. In their horrible new world, all of the gangs are integrated, so that the movies can't be called racist. I guess it's supposed to be heartwarming to see whites, blacks and Latinos working side by side to rape, pillage and murder."
Roger Ebert in his review of Death Wish 3

"Behold my new city in all its multicultural diversity!"
General Drayfox, That Mitchell and Webb Look

"I didn't know there were gay bad guys..."
Krillin, in volume 7 of Dragon Ball

"Where good favors few, evil accepts all"
Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy's principal, Senran Kagura

"Membership for the Current of the Void is surprisingly lax. They’re willing to welcome anyone who are just as willing to welcome the void into their hearts and inflict it upon the world. In a sense, as a current opposed by the rest, they have to be willing to accept anyone if they wish to survive in their task."

"I may be evil, but I'm not a monster. I support Complete. Global. Trans Rights!"

"Oh, but don't worry, circa-1920s New England readers! I know you want to know the exact ethnic backgrounds and skin color of these cultists before you render moral judgment. Well, don't you worry, Lovecraft has you covered! We've got some Native Americans, some black people, some biracial people, some ethnically ambiguous folk thrown in for flavor and basically everybody who's definitely not a white people. (caption: "Inherent moral superiority: validated") I won't say Lovecraft got subtler about his deep abiding loathing of anyone with a skin color darker than Pantone 727, but this is probably the most all-inclusive it ever gets in his writing."

"Only one of the generals remained silent, a Mahjarrat warrior known as Zamorak the Scourge. Zamorak did not mock me or my fortress. I remembered this. [...] I realise that my lord's promises were empty. He promised to raise the status of humankind, but despite years of our loyal service he has done nothing. He is no longer my god. Zamorak, the one general who did not mock me or my race, has likewise grown tired of serving our lord, and is gathering an alliance of his own. I shall offer him my sword; henceforth, General Viggora's army of humans fights for Zamorak, not the Lord of Empty Promises. May Zamorak lead us to the glory we deserve!"
Viggora, RuneScape

These 'soldiers' were not members of the brotherhood. Some were blacks, some were white Anglos, some were Puerto Rican and Irish Catholic and Jewish and whatever else could be bought by the week for the business end of a gun.
There is no national origin to crime.
The Executioner, "Jersey Guns"

"The only thing that matters in my gang is how much ass you can kick. Black, white, Hispanic, male, female, I don't care. We're all the same in the end, and a bullet doesn't care what you look like."
Kingpin, Agents of Mayhem

"The Covenant tends to shoot first and ask questions never. At the same time, the Covenant takes care of their own. They let women have jobs and positions of authority and guns—do you know how many organizations would have been willing to let me learn how to shoot when I was your age?"
Enid Healy, InCryptid: "The Lay of the Land"

"Before she became a Mnemosyne Jenni was an ordinary teenager, and her fall into evil starts with a tale sadly too often told for a trans woman in Detroit. After coming out to her parents in her mid-teens Jenni found herself faced with the choice of going back into the closet or fleeing to the streets; Jenni chose the streets and bounced between homeless shelters until a sympathetic social worker told her where she could find real help. [...] Jenni’s sponsors saw great potential in her and supported her transition with a trip to Thailand, all expenses provided by C.O.R.D. embezzling from City Hall; for what relevance do human gender identities have to a force of fundamental evil? But in exchange they taught Jenni to embrace her resentment and channel it into destroying the city and culture that abandoned her. By the time Jenni had proven herself enough to learn that her sponsors had helped C.O.R.D. create that very culture, she was too far gone to care."
— from "Ashes of the Motor City", a supplement to Princess: The Hopeful

"These 'disguises' make us look like those politically correct, multi-ethnic gangs that only rob people on bad TV shows."
Nico Minoru, Runaways #7