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The highways and byways of the world have Sirens, too. Sometimes, you might be driving down a lonely strip of interstate and hear a song drifting down the macadam. Usually, it's a song that has something to do with roads or highways, be it Chuck Berry singing "Get Your Kicks (Route 66)" Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again" or even Portishead's "Roads." You might not think much of the song normally, but out there in the middle of nowhere, it'll start to sound pretty good. So good, in fact, you just have to hear who's playing it. Maybe there's a gas station or a diner. Maybe it's down that little access road bisecting the highway, and sure enough, it sounds like the music is coming from that direction.
Of course, what's down that direction isn't much more than a dark gravel road with a spike strip buried amidst the stone. A mile down, the tires pop. And not long after, the Sirens come out of the shadows, ready to feed.

"Excuse my song," the monstrous siren said. "The tune's purpose was your attention. For I knew you had troubles and I can offer absolutions."
Tahm Kench, League of Legends


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