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Quotes / Empathic Weapon

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"If Harry Potter's wand can make decisions, why can't Thor's hammer?"

Albert Einstein had once said that regardless of what weapons were used to fight the next world war, the following war would be fought with sticks and stones. His prediction turned out to be unerringly true as armies became equipped with weapons so intelligent they negotiated their own truce, and the opposing soldiers had to resort to bashing each other with the nearest blunt object.
Plan 7 of 9 from Outer Space

"I realize now that... I did not lose the sword. But the sword left me."
Jack, Samurai Jack

"This was no ordinary Kanohi mask. This was the Mask of Life. Forged over 100,000 years ago by the Great Beings who created the universe, it was set apart from every mask that had ever been or ever would be crafted. It could think, it could feel ... and as both Matoran and Barraki learned to their shock, when threatened, it could strike back."
Narrator, BIONICLE