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Wally: From now on, my nickname is 'The Wizard', it speaks of my guru status.
Alice: I think I'll call you 'The Lizard', it speaks of your small brain and lack of ambition.
Wally: Please don't.
Alice: Let's see which one catches on quicker.

Toph: Follow me, Twinkle-Toes.
Aang: (annoyed) Toph, I'm forty years old. You think you can stop with the nicknames?
Toph: 'Fraid not.

C'mon....c'mon. Anthony Bologna. (Beat) You and I both know that guy's name is Tony Baloney.

Tails: Mettie!
Meta Knight: I told you not to call me that. I still don't know what possessed you to design such a nickname...
Super Paper Mario X, Chapter 47

"OK, pause and fucking reload. My name is not Karkitty."

Jo: Today we practice running like the wind, Tootie.
Rae: Tootie? It's just Rae. Or Ramona.

Kim Sung Young: Hatchetman!
Hachiman: Hachiman is my name. I find the other sobriquet... distasteful.
Punisher #9

Kagura: Hey, Jinny.
Jin: Stop calling me that!

"Mad Dog"? I hate that name. I hate it, you hear?! NOBODY CALLS ME "MAD DOG"! Especially not some duded-up, egg-sucking gutter trash!
'Buford Tannen, Back to the Future Part III

Dio Brando: It didn't cross my mind until now, but Jojo's a nickname, isn't it?
Jonathan Joestar: Yup! It's a contraction of Jonathan Joestar.
Dio: Hmm....
Jonathan: What?
Dio: Do I have a nickname, I wonder? The thought simply strikes me as comical.
Jonathan: Ha, you want me to give you one?
Dio: That's not what I had in mind...
Jonathan: You do want me to!
Dio: No, I don't...
Jonathan: Dio Brando... Brando... Chanel!
Dio: Chanel!?
Jonathan: Well, if you contract Dio Brando, you get Debu.note 
Dio: Debu?!
Jonathan: Isn't this great? Now we match!
Dio: I'm-I'm fine with Chanel—
Jonathan: De-bu! De-bu!

Pit: Hey! It's Pittoo!
Dark Pit: Will you quit calling me that?!
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Palutena's Guidance for Dark Pit

"I have a dream that one day, I will be a villain in a James Bond film. I have the suit. I'm working my way up. And there's two reasons why I want to be a villain in a James Bond film. One: You get to name your own henchmen. Which is very exciting, name your own henchmen. And there have been some fantastic henchmen in the past: Oddjob, with his flying hat; or Jaws, with his metal teeth. [gnashes teeth] TERRIFYING! Isn't he? But, I believe if you're going to have a henchman, you should give him a humiliating, silly name... so that he will kill anyone who hears it. That's the idea. For example: [Evil Brit voice] 'Ah, Mr. Bond... I see you've met my eight-foot-tall psychopath... Poopypants. Destroy him, Poopy! Poopy, kill him! Use your powers of poop!'"
Seán Cullen

Jorgen: Skyward One, ready. [sighs] Callsign: Jerkface.
Nose: [chuckles] I feel your pain, cadet.

Jo: Do not fight the Kwihuutsuu, Tootie.
Rae: Do not call me Tootie!


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