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"There, at a depth to which divers would find it difficult to descend, are caverns, haunts, and dusky mazes, where monstrous creatures multiply and destroy each other. Huge crabs devour fish and are devoured in their turn. Hideous shapes of living things, not created to be seen by human eyes wander in this twilight. Vague forms of antennae, tentacles, fins, open jaws, scales, and claws, float about there, quivering, growing larger, or decomposing and perishing in the gloom, while horrible swarms of swimming things prowl about seeking their prey."

"Bottom of the sea's the top of another world."
Pyke, The Bloodharbor Ripper, League of Legends

There is no telling how deep the waters of Furia run; over the centuries many attempts have been made to reach the bottom, all equally fruitless. This has led to the belief in many of the inhabitants of Furia that there simply is no end to the World Ocean. An often-told tale even has it that a void ship once crashed and sank, but the ship’s intact saviour-beacon pulsed its continual, remorseless descent into the limitless depths for many years before it finally grew too faint to detect. The final readings indicated the vessel had descended to a depth that would put it far outside the orbit of the planet, still without any sign it was nearing the bottom.
Black Crusade: Tome Of Blood

Drowning Forests
You emerge from the mirror to the sound of lapping water. A lake the size of a country and the depth of an abyss lies before you, its waters tremulous and insubstantial, like a veil waiting to be pulled back.

This was where darkness went to live forever, growing deeper and more powerful as the eons passed it by.


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