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"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my Underground Lair..."
Doctor Evil, Austin Powers

Greg: What is it with you guys and your freaking lairs? Do you think you're a dragon of something? Do you just secretly dream of spending your days sitting on a pile of treasure?
Tony: Look, it's not for you, okay?

"I'm kinda sad, though. All these underground tunnels and lasers, but instead of having a rave we're using them for evil.

Hobbes: It's a lair! What is it with bad guys and lairs? Can't they just live in houses?
Socrates: Imagine a super villain living in a studio apartment in southeast central L.A. I wonder if they could afford the rent.

Notice how all these passages are sloping downwards! We are now going underground! All the most important rooms in my factory are deep down below the surface! There wouldn't be nearly enough space for them up on top! These rooms we are going to see are enormous! They're larger than football fields! No building in the world would be big enough to house them! But down here, underneath the ground, I've got all the space I want. There's no limit - so long as I hollow it out.

The New York tunnels have been around longer than the city. When The Illuminati moved here, we hustled an architect over from Germany to do the sacred geometry of this place. It drove him crazy; he killed himself when the blueprints were finished, but you know how seriously creatives take everything. The design really was future-proof: this is all still the original spaces. We've centralised a lot, except the server farm keeps expanding. It's like a matte painting from a 70's sci-fi movie, you can get lost in there. The rest of the maze you should lucky enough to never see. The old detainment block and medical facility, that's Questions and Answers now. It's mostly soundproofed - mostly. And some of the old board members keep suites way out in the wings. They're not big on face time. They have extreme health issues, extreme privacy issues, extreme... issues. Do us both a favour and stay in the main concourse.
Kirsten Geary on the Illuminati Labyrinth, The Secret World

"We Octarians dwell in a world deep underground. The individual caves in which we live are connected by a network of transport devices known as kettles. Wow... You learn something new every day!"
Sunken Scroll 2, Splatoon

This Fortress would be their home... and from the outside it would appear to be no more than that: a truly elaborate home built in the seclusion of the wood.
Beneath the elaborate one-story ranch, however, it was another story.
A grand complex had been carved out beneath the home by Kara and Rogue. Crews from both Stark Industries and LexCorp had been snuck in to install supports and equipment.
A special entrance and exit tunnel had been carved into one time of the many cavern systems that ran deep in the ground and exited out into the vast lake that bordered the home on the east side.


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