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Bob: What happens if I touch that button, Pinky?
Pinky: The car ejects!
Bob: Don't you mean, the passenger seat ejects?
Pinky: No, Bob, you've been watching too many movies. The car ejects.

Grafton: Well, this is the end of Devil Five- O - Five. Say goodbye, asshole!
A classic case of poor cockpit design is the ejection procedure which used to be in one Air Force trainer. It was a placard listing half a dozen important steps, printed boldly on the canopy rail where the pilot couldn't miss seeing it. The only flaw was that step 1 was "jettison the canopy."
Michael Collins, Carrying the Fire

Mission Control: Abandon ship, Space Girl! Abandon ship!
Space Girl: Computer, eject! Eject! (nothing happens) Eject!
Computer: So that's it? You've only just started going down and you already want to bail?
The Key of Awesome, "Space Girl: Abandon Ship!"

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