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Rakish men either bite their lips in impotent confusion at her repartees, or are touched to penitence by her reproofs, which, on appropriate occasions, rise to a lofty strain of rhetoric.

"Adonijah" is simply the feeblest kind of love story, supposed to be instructive, we presume, because the hero is a Jewish captive, and the heroine a Roman vestal; because they and their friends are converted to Christianity after the shortest and easiest method approved by the "Society for Promoting the Conversion of the Jews;"

Felicity: Usually, the result is that the characters' lives are improved, and all of their problems go away.
Unwinder: Man, what the heck? Does Prudence actually want to watch a version of House where everyone gets along? What would the show even be about? Medicine?

We see the light
You changed how we're thinking
'Cause we were blind
You showed us the way
We're wrong, you're right
Salvation is yours if you do what is true to you
And you do it with love
Something Rotten!,"We See the Light"

"Was ever feather so lightly blown to and fro as this multitude?"